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Simply tick the ticks box below the fabrics you require and scroll to the bottom of the page and click the submit button. To view the fabric made up, click on the fabric image.

Collection A
  • Tropic Onyx

  • Amazon Pampas

  • Poppies terracota

  • Zambezi

  • Russet

  • Tahoe


  • Sunnydale Autumn

    Sunnydale Autumn

  • Sunnydale


  • Bamboo Natural

    Bamboo Natural

Collection B
  • Hopsack Stone

  • Eden Beige

  • Eden Gold

  • Caledonian Patchwork Fennel

    Caledonian Patchwork Fennel

  • Venice


  • Delemere Gold

    Delemere Gold

  • Pampas Biscuit

    Pampas Biscuit

  • Calico Mocha

    Calico Mocha

  • Calico Oatmea

    Calico oatmea

  • Dean Gold

    Dean Gold

  • Caledonian Noir

    Caledonian Noir

  • Rose Bud

    Rose Bud

  • Iona Hyacinith

    Iona Hyacinith

  • Emi Duck Egg

    Emi Duck Egg

  • Rose Garden Powder Blue

    Rose Garden Powder Blue

  • Paradisco Pomegranite

    Paradisco Pomegranite

  • Emi Mimosa

    Emi Mimosa

  • Gem Linen

    Gem Linen

  • Panama Azure

    Panama Azure

  • Panama Sky

    Panama Sky

Collection C
  • Carolina Diamond

    Carolina Diamond

  • Montana Stripe Truffle

    Montana Stripe Truffle

  • Montana Stripe Rose

    Montana Stripe Rose

  • Montana Floral Rose

    Montana Floral Rose

  • Oslo Crush Chalk

    Oslo Crush Chalk

  • Montana Stripe Oatmeal

    Montana Stripe Oatmeal

  • Lille Latte

    Lille Latte

  • Soho Plain Oyster

    Soho Plain Oyster

  • Keswick Stripe

    Keswick Stripe

  • Portabello Cord Corn

    Portabello Cord Corn

  • Santa Fa

    Santa Fa

  • Orlando Linen

    Orlando linen

  • Montana Floral Oatmeal

    Montana Floral Oatmeal

  • Carolina Floral Gold

    Carolina Floral Gold

  • Cavandish Dove

    Cavandish Dove

  • Papillon Chambray

    Papillon Chambray

  • Alicia Chintz

    Alicia Chintz

  • Bruge Biscuit

    Bruge Biscuit

  • Boulevard Natural

    Boulevard Natural

  • Soho Lattice Green

    Soho Lattice Green